Tabby Taxi Service

cat secured in purple carrier in a car

Let's face it, it's stressful enough packing for a trip and finding your cat to put them in a carrier . You may have considered a pet sitter but are uncomfortable with only one person coming in/out of your home to check on your cat. I mean, what if their's an emergency? Who will be the back up?

Our tabby taxi service can help take the load off you by getting your cat(s) to Catisfied Inn safely. 

How does the service work?

Give us a call or schedule online for us to come to your home to pick up your cat(s). Please have your cat(s) secured in a carrier and all of their labeled belongings consolidated in a bag with any additional specific directions. Your cat will be secured in the seat of our taxi vehicle with a seatbelt and transported directly to either Catisfied Inn or Catisfaction based on your prior arrangements. 

Tabby Taxi Rates

Our rate includes picking up your cat(s) and belongings, securing your cat safely in the vehicle and transporting them to their destination. $20 up to ten miles, one way. $2 for each additional mile

Taxi Service from Catisfied Inn to Catisfaction will be complimentary for veterinary services over $250.00. 

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