Catisfied Inn's Grooming Disclaimer

Thai kitten, 5 months old, sitting in fr

Catisfied Inn is primarily a luxury boarding facility for cats. We offer the service of grooming for our clients so they can rest assured their cat's needs will be met at one facility. At times grooming is a necessary procedure for our cats due to their health and overall well-being. Being animals, at times they will soil themselves. Other times, it is considered an elective procedure (unnecessary for the well being of the patient). We always attempt to perform a cursory exam on every cat before grooming. If our technicians and veterinarian(s) are unable to do so, a simple grooming procedure becomes more technically advanced. At Catisfied Inn we do not excessively restrain a fractious cat. This becomes too stressful and unsafe for your cat and our staff. This is where you have a choice as to whether or not the grooming procedure is absolutely necessary, because we will need to sedate your cat. We try to avoid sedating our patients and take anesthesia seriously. This means a veterinarian will be involved for the entire grooming process, which usually takes 1-1.5 hours. While your cat is unconscious, he or she will be continuously monitored, as they would be for any other procedure that requires sedation and/or anesthesia. It is ideal to perform a pre-anesthesia blood test to determine which anesthetic agents will be better tolerated by your cat based on his or her body chemistry. However, if a patient is too fractious we will be unable to do so.