Cats Boarding with Medications

All medications must be prescribed by a veterinarian and be in the original container and completely labeled. Medications are only administered from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm.  Cats receiving multiple medications for life sustaining diseases may need to be boarded at Catisfaction’s main facility in Madison.


Pills, tablets, capsules, gels, trans-dermal gels, suspensions, etc. 

There is a $2 administration fee for each medication prescribed by a veterinarian. This is per administration. There is no charge for medications mixed in food.




Insulin, anti-acids, vitamins, etc.

There is a $3 administration fee for each injection. 

GLUCOSE Testing: $8 for checking and recording BG.



Subcutaneous Fluids

Fluids, line and box of needles must be provided.

There is a $7 administration fee for subcutaneous fluid administration. This fee is per administration.